Scratx is (a)live and accepting Beta customers

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Scratx is (a)live and accepting Beta customers

Founded to create better work lives for our customers, and ourselves

After spending years of not finding a finance automation platform that helps businesses manage large amounts of Transaction Data with a data source agnostic, no-code and DIY approach, we decided to build it ourselves. Scratx was founded in 2023 with the purpose of creating more freedom – freedom for our customers in their daily work lives, and latitude for us to experiment in building a business and cool products. We want the company to be a vehicle to enjoy our work to the fullest and to create great customer experiences.

We’re on a mission to provide faster, free-er, fun-ner automated finance

Scratx helps companies get less busy with finance. Our platform offers a suite of DIY tools for Aggregation, Automation and Analysis of Transaction Data. We serve customers that operate in Ecommerce, Retail, Digital Business, B2B services and more.

We don’t believe in one platform to rule them all. Instead, we believe in freedom to use whatever services are best for your business, and Scratx is agnostic to any combination of systems that our customers use.

guided by principles and driven by relentless ambition

We believe that the results from our efforts are better if we agree on a set of principles that guide us in our work. Such principles are challenged on a regular basis and revised if they are deemed to not serve us anymore. We require that all individuals who join the Scratx team, share a relentless ambition in creating great products and experiences for our customers that deliver priceless value. Anything else would be a waste.

it’s simply the only finance automation platform that you really need

We hope you’ll like it. We sure do.

With love always,
Joakim & Daniel

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