Finance automation is not core for digital business, yet still a major potential time saver for their finance teams. Our customers spare their development teams the headache of solving complex backoffice issues, and let us help them with the following usecases instead:

Scratx for Ecommerce & Retail

Scratx is the ready-to-use solution for Ecommerce and Retail companies that want to alleviate the pains that come with the large quantities of Transaction Data that is generated from their ecommerce platforms, POS systems, payment providers, warehouse management systems and so on. Our customers in Ecommerce and Retail use Scratx for the following:

  • Transaction Data generated from all your sales software, aggregated in one place

  • Automate your payment reconciliation and accounts receivable
  • Revenue and cost recognition for automated accounting at your finger tips

  • Ready-to-use and self-service business intelligence tools for performance and financial analysis

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Access all your Transaction Data real-time, any time

Scratx links Transaction Data from all your source systems and makes it available, readable, searchable, sorted and exportable.

Automate reconciliation from multiple payment providers, all in one place, for all your global channels and subsidiaries

Revenue recognition, payouts, Accounts Payable, COGS recognition, and more