For high-volume commerce finance operations

Harmonized financial data,
to liberate your operations

Scratx helps digital, e-commerce and retail businesses harmonize sales, order and payment data in one place and format, to reduce manual data crunching and facilitate automation of financial operations

unblock your financial Operations

Scratx alleviates your financial back pains

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Less manual Back Office

Work smarter with effortless access to real-time transaction data in one place. Scratx lets you automate the import and aggregation of transaction data, and enables a single source of truth for data across your system stack.

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Shorter Backlog

Cut your backlog short with automation of tasks such as reconciliation, revenue recognition, cost recognition and tax reporting. Get real-time order-to-cash, gross profit, unit economics analyses and speed up month-end book closing.

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Less dependence on Backend

Enjoy a simple no-code, self-serve user interface that requires no prior programming experience. There are no expensive custom applications and no setup fees. If needed, our product specialists are here to help.

trust our customers' words more than ours

Ready to stop wasting time and start scaling your financial operations?

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Scratx for Ecommerce & Retail

  • Omni-channel transaction data generated from all your system and payment providers, aggregated in one place.

  • Automate your payment reconciliation and revenue recognition, without hazzle, according to your needs, at 0 implementation cost.
  • Get real-time order-to-cash, gross profit, unit economics analyses and speed up month-end book closing.

  • Self-serve preparation of transaction data for BI, database and datalake. Transfer automatically in real-time.

Access all your transaction data real-time, any time, in one view

Scratx links order, payment and other transaction related data, from all your system providers and vendors, and makes it available, readable, searchable, sorted and exportable i.e. harmonized.

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Automate reconciliation from multiple payment providers, all in one place, for all your global channels and subsidiaries

Revenue and cost recognition, payout reconciliation, accounts receivable, tax reporting and more...

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Take control with our self-serve, no-code dashboard

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Avoid development - save time and cost

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Data agnostic

Collect transaction data from any source

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Use only the tools for your specific needs

Scratx for Digital Businesses

  • All transaction data from multiple source systems harmonized in one place.
  • End-to-end automation of customer and invoice creation: platform->ERP.
  • Automated journals for deferred revenue recognition of yearly subscription billing.
  • Automated journals for European sales tax (VAT) reporting.

Scratx for Finance Operations

Say goodbye to manual downloads, copy-pasting, ad-hoc spreadsheet formulas, and bookclosing headaches while working with your transaction data. Say hello to:

  • Automate edge-case tasks that none other of your systems can solve

  • All the necessary spreadsheet functions you need to build your output data for BI and accounting
  • A simple no-code, self-service interface to access all your transaction events in a single source of truth

  • Traceability of transaction events that can be used for more accurate, less time-consuming auditing

End-to-end automation made simple

You've never seen automation this easy, connecting all your transaction data generating systems to any ERP

Rerun any of your automations and manage deviations

Full ability to intervene and manage deviations in automated workflows

Native task management and team collaboration

Share responsibilities and reduce dependency on individuals. Sign-off flows and handovers are integrated natively into the dashboard.

Curious to learn how Scratx can help your business?

Join the wait list for our Beta product launch or contact us to explore if Scratx is right for your business.