About Scratx

why scratx exists

Founded to create more freedom

Scratx was founded in 2023 with the purpose of creating more freedom for our customers in their daily work with finance operations, and more freedom for ourselves to experiment in building a business and great products. We want the company to be a vehicle to create delightful customer experiences and to enjoy our work to the fullest.

what we do

on a mission to help our customers scale their businesses with more independent finance operations

Scratx helps D2C, ecommerce, retail, digital businesses get more freedom and independence in finance operations with a suite of self-serve, no-code tools for harmonization of transaction data and automation of repetitive tasks such as revenue recognition, reconciliation payments and tax reporting.

We don’t believe in one platform to rule them all that builds walls or moats around their users. Instead, Scratx aims to help customers unlock the freedom to use any combination of systems they prefer, and only use our products and services to the extent that they prefer. 

how we do it

driven by relentless ambition and guided by principles

We require that all individuals who join the Scratx team, share a relentless ambition in creating great products that deliver priceless value and delightful customer experiences. Anything else would be a waste. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves, in building a company for the long term.

We believe that the results from our efforts are better if we build while guided by a set of agreed principles. Such principles are challenged on a regular basis and revised if they are deemed to not serve us anymore. We apply specific principles in different parts of the business, whereas the following six principles are universal to the entire company:

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We are relentlessly ambitious

in building great customer experiences, products and our company. Mediocrity is not an option – we challenge everything that we believe can be done better.

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We experiment at speed

with ideas that we want to explore and hypotheses on what works until they’re proven wrong. We kill our darlings fast, and perfection is only a sum of endless iterations.

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We are radically transparent

in our communication to ensure minimum distraction, applying a no-nonsense yet respectful direct communication between each other and our customers.

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We seek truth

and embrace reality when discussing different perspectives thoroughly before implementing solutions to problems. We listen and ask questions to always learn.

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We are resilient builders

while we hold our strong opinions loosely, to not let our egos get in the way of doing what’s more right and better for the long term at any given moment.

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We are kind and authentic

by helping each other to succeed, powered by honest appreciation and tough love. We want everyone at Scratx to live and feel like their authentic selves.


the founders

We were introduced by a mutual friend in 2020 and before we started working together, we spent a couple of years getting to know each other and align our purpose, ambitions and vision.

We realized that we have so elaborate ideas about building platform, product, company and customer experiences that we had no choice but to build something from scratch, with the purpose of having full freedom to experiment. Ergo, Scratx.

With our compound understanding of platform architecture, payments, ecommerce, retail, digital businesses and their respective requirements on product and vendor partners, we believe that we have a unique opportunity to build superior auxiliary tooling for finance operations in high-volume transaction businesses.

Daniel Heinmert

Joakim Olsson