Scratx for Ecommerce & Retail

Enough with manual transaction data crunching and overpriced consultants

Scratx offers the better alternative:

  • No-code software, DIY self-service for ambitious Ecommerce & Retail professionals that are tired of being in the backseat

  • Transaction Data generated from all your sales-aiding software such as Payment Service Providers, Ecommerce platforms, Point of Sale systems, WMS, ordering platforms and more – aggregated in one place

  • Automate your payment reconciliation, revenue recognition, tax reporting journals and accounts receivable with a simple DIY user interface

  • Ready-to-use and self-service business intelligence tools for performance and financial analysis

“Scratx helps us reduce reconciliation, revenue recognition and accounting journals to a click of a button from a previously one day tedious manual process. It also saves time from our accounting firm, I.e direct cost savings. More so, I’ve gained full visibility of our financial performance in real time”

Gustav, COO at Pomme Equestrian

General features and benefits

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No Code

Scratx does not require prior programming experience. If you need help, our docs and product specialists will assist.

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Import any Transaction data from any Source using standard communication protocols such as API, webhooks or SFTP.

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Scratx uses state-of-the-art technology to secure the integrity of your data and reliability of the platform.

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Cloud based

Use our web-based dashboard or (for Enterprise customers) store the data in your own cloud accounts.

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Customizable out-of-the-box

The Scratx platform is by design customizable to your Transaction data needs.

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User first approach

Customer Experience is the guiding north star in everything we do. It’s the way we build products and our company.

Pricing and Availability

For pricing and availability information, join the wait list for early access to our Beta product or talk to us for more information.