Accounting & Controlling

Scratx is what your finance operations really need to become faster and freer

Say goodbye to manual downloads, copy-pasting, ad-hoc spreadsheet formulas, and bookclosing headaches while working with your transaction data. Say hello to:

  • Automate import of Transaction Data from all your source systems such as sales software, payment providers, ERPs, banks, and more

  • All the necessary spreadsheet functions you need to build your output data for bookclosing and analysis
  • List Transaction Data from your source systems in one common source of truth. Search, filter, sort, and export as much as you need.

  • Automate accounting of any transaction, and edge-case tasks that no other of your systems can solve

CFOs: supercharge your business’ automation and analytical capabilities

  • Empower your team to get less busy by automating manual tasks and avoid development backlogs.

  • Allow read-only access for management, auditors and other stakeholders to review sample controls self-service to avoid distractions for your finance team
  • Discover hidden potential cost savings in the holy grail of homogenised Transaction Data with ready-to-use visualisations

  • Speed up bookclosing, order-to-cash, income and balance statements processes to speed up business crucial decision-making.

“Scratx gives our finance team enhanced visibility into our Transaction data which provides important insight for evaluating potential cost savings. I recommend CFO’s to use Scratx to discover their businesses’ hidden potential for better profitability”

Jesper, CFO at CDLP

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