Customer stories

D2C, e-commerce, retail and digital businesses use Scratx to gather sales and payment data in one place, and automate reconciliation, revenue recognition, tax reporting and more…

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Summarised feedback from our customers

Main value drivers as told by our customers can be summarized in four points:

  • Save time spent on manual tasks and reduce direct cost from external consultant billings

  • Increased access and visibility in to transaction data reveals cost saving potential
  • Scratx’s agnostic platform lets us solve problems that no other platform have been able to do

  • It’s just very simple and delightful to use

“Before, we spent three days with manual downloads and huge spreadsheets calculating our revenue recognition for accounting. Now with Scratx we get all the data we need in one place, automated, and without any code or consultant fees.”

Daniel, CEO at Lanterna

“Scratx helps us reduce reconciliation, revenue recognition and accounting journals to a click of a button from a previously one day tedious manual process. It also saves time from our accounting firm, I.e direct cost savings. More so, I’ve gained full visibility of our financial performance in real time”

Gustav, COO at Pomme Equestrian

“Scratx gives us enhanced visibility into our Transaction data which provides valuable input for estimating potential cost savings. I recommend CFO’s to use Scratx to discover their businesses’ hidden potential for better profitability”

Jesper, CFO at CDLP

Case studies

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